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How to Bet Hockey Betting Guide

Hockey might take a back seat to football, basketball and baseball as far as popularity is concerned. However, with a season that runs every day from October to the Stanley Cup Finals in early June, there are always plenty of opportunities to bet on one the fastest and hardest hitting sports around. Read more about how to bet hockey

How to Bet on Baseball

Like any of the other major sports, there are plenty of ways for a bettor to wager on baseball. Whereas the most popular way to bet on football and basketball is the point spread, the majority of action in baseball is on the money line. Read more about how to bet on baseball

How to Bet on Basketball

Betting on March Madness and the NBA Playoffs are always two of the biggest wagering events of the year for bettors. However, with 30 NBA teams and countless college basketball teams, there is no shortage of basketball games to bet on from November through early June. Throw in betting on the WNBA and basketball betting has turned into a year round event. Read more about how to bet on basketball

How to Bet on Football

Football season is high season for bettors and sports books alike. With so many college games and of course the NFL, there is almost always a game to bet on from September through January. Read more about how to bet on football

Sports Betting Glossary

Even the wise guys or sharp bettors find betting terms that they don’t know this is why a betting glossary always comes handy. Read more about our sports betting glosssary




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